Baby Invitations & More

2008-09-06 11:04:55
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The invitation sets the theme for your baby shower. It also provides your guests an idea of what gift to purchase. This article provides a general overview for creating a baby shower invitation from picking a theme to wording the invitation.


Theme Options

Here is a list of popular baby shower themes:

  • Baby Girl - Pink
  • Baby Boy – Blue
  • Nursery Shower
  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Diapers and Essentials
  • Time of Day
  • April Shower
  • Twinkle Little Star
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Noah’s Ark
  • Baby’s First
  • Peas in a Pod
  • Little Angel
  • Born to Rock
  • Keeping Baby Safe
  • Baby Naming Party
  • ABC’s
  • Couples Shower

Invitation Formats

There are countless ways to format your invitation:

Side-Fold or Book Style Format
This invitation is folded in half and opens like a book. It can be folded exactly in half or it can be folded unevenly to reveal the contrasting paper lining. The information can be printed in the inside or the outside cover.

Side Fold

Flat or Layered Invitation
This is a flat piece of paper, often layered with vellum and secured together in a fashionable way.

Flat Fold

Top-Fold or Matchbook Style
This invitation opens up like a matchbook. It can be folded exactly in half or it can be folded unevenly to reveal the contrasting paper lining or one edge folded up to resemble a matchbook.


This invitation is folded twice to create three-panels. The trifold can be folded inward with one side overlapping the other like a barrel fold or the edges perfectly aligned creating a gate fold or zig zag like a z fold. Each panel can be of varying sizes to reveal words or pictures from the previous panel.


Invitation Embellishments

Add a band that wraps around the card

Ribbon or Jute Tie
Tie a ribbon or Jute around the invitation

Components of a Baby Shower Invitation

1. The Invitation:  Date, Time, Location (with directions), telephone number (and perhaps your email if you check regularly), and any other particulars that are important, i.e. gift registries, theme if that will affect the gifts, whether it is a women’s only or couple’s shower, and if they need to bring a food dish.

2. The RSVP:  This can be written right on the card if you are using email or telephone for the RSVPs.  Remember to provide both a phone number even if you list email as the preferred method because there are still some people without internet access.  Also, the telephone number is handy just in case someone gets lost.  If the RSVPs are being mailed back to you, provide a separate card and stamped envelope.  The card should have the option of will attend or won’t attend and as a courtesy.  I also ask for any severe food allergies to be listed.

3. Directions:  A detailed map and step-by-step directions should be included for those guests who have never been to the location.  Also add your phone number or cell phone number and the address of the baby shower on the top of the directions since many people forget to bring the invitations with them.

4. Proper postage:  Make sure you put on the proper postage especially when sending invitations to family or friends out of country.  If you put on the wrong amount, they will be sent back to you.  Some invitations may weigh more, which can lead to higher postal costs; a good practice is to take one invitation into the post office and get them to stamp it for you.  Then you will know how much each invitation is.

When to send out the Invitation

Baby Showers are generally planned about two to one month prior to the due date. Invitations should be sent out about 9 or 8 weeks before the date of the shower to allow guest time to arrange their schedule and purchase the gift.

Example of Wording

Shower Invitation

Example 1

You’re invited to a couples baby shower to help celebrate the upcoming arrival of baby Tiffany on Saturday, the third of May at three o’clock in the afternoon.

Bill and Maggie’s House
Street address

Example 2

Please help us welcome
Jasmine and Ken's
New baby girl
At a baby shower
On September 18, 2010
At 2:00 pm
Street address

R.S.V.P Card

Please respond on or before
May 30, 2005
Able to Attend:
Unable able to Attend:


We are happy to announce the birth of our daughter
Laura Anne
On May 8, 2010
At 11:35 am
6 lb. 11 oz.

Thank You

Special Thanks for your wonderful gift.