Creating a Hidden Stitched Album

2008-10-12 16:07:26
Custom Sleeve

Learn how to create a customized hidden stitched albums which you can store memorable experiences of you and your family.



Tools and Materials

  • Heavy Card Stock
  • Decorative and flexible paper
  • 24lb text weight paper
  • Nylon Thread
  • Heavy duty Leather Hand Sewing Needle
  • Awl
  • Ruler
  • 4 Large Paper Clamps
  • Rubber Cement

Creating the Album

  1. Cut your inside paper and cover stock the same height and width.
  2. Create a hole punch pattern:
    • Take a plain white piece of paper and cut the width equal to the paper size and the height two inches.
    • Using a ruler, measure from the top of the paper .5-inch down on both ends of the paper and draw a straight line.

    • Then place tick marks along the line every .5 inches.

  3. If you are creating a book less than 1/8” thick:
    • Align the paper squarely on top of each other and place a clamp on both sides of the paper, leaving a gap at the top for the guide.
    • Place the guide on top of the paper and clamp down on both top edges.

    • Using your Awl, stab the paper at each tick mark. Make sure you pierced a hole through all the sheets of paper.
  4. If you are creating a book more than 1/8” thick:
    • Repeat step three, but take small stacks of paper.
  5. Remove the pattern from the top and reclamp the top of the paper.
  6. Using a heavy duty leather hand sewing needle and a thick nylon thread stitch the book using a whip stitch combined with a straight stitch that is tied off at each hole. See illustration.

  7. Remove the clamps when you are done.

Covering Stitches

  1. Cut a strip of the decorative flexible paper the desired height (how much it overlaps on both sides of the album + the thickness of the album) x width of the album.
  2. Measure down the top edge of the album on the front and back the desired decorative cover height.

  3. Glue the paper in place using the rubber cement.
  4. Place heavy books on top of the album to ensure the glued paper dries flat.